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Ringwood MG

Ringwood MG's Electric Revolution: The Rise of EVs In Australia


Ringwood MG's Electric Revolution: The Rise of EVs In Australia

Ringwood MG's Electric Revolution: The Rise of EVs In Australia

The automotive landscape is undergoing a seismic shift in Australia, with electric vehicles (EVs) at the forefront of this change. As we witness a growing awareness of environmental issues and a surge in technological advancements, the appeal of electric cars is stronger than ever. This article explores the current EV trends in Australia, the reasons behind this shift to electric mobility, and how Ringwood MG is playing a pivotal role in this electric revolution.

The Current Landscape of EVs in Australia

Australia is witnessing a significant uptick in the adoption of electric vehicles. The market has seen a steady increase in the variety and volume of EVs, ranging from compact city cars to luxury SUVs. Government initiatives, such as rebates and tax incentives, coupled with an expanding public charging infrastructure, have played a crucial role in this growth. Furthermore, environmental consciousness among Australians is driving a nationwide shift towards sustainable transport solutions.

Why are Australians switching to Electric Cars?

The reasons for Australians' switch to electric cars are multifaceted. Firstly, the environmental benefits are a major draw. EVs offer a greener alternative by significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. Secondly, technological advancements have led to improved battery life and range, making EVs more practical for daily use. Additionally, the lower running and maintenance costs of electric cars compared to petrol vehicles are increasingly attractive to cost-conscious consumers. The convenience of home charging and the unique driving experience of EVs also add to their growing popularity.

Ringwood MG's Role in the EV Movement

Ringwood MG is at the forefront of Australia's EV movement, offering a range of electric cars that blend style, efficiency, and performance. Our commitment to sustainable mobility is evident in our continuous investment in EV technology and infrastructure. By providing a diverse portfolio of electric vehicles and exceptional customer service, we aim to make the transition to electric driving seamless and enjoyable for Australians.

Our new dedicated EV showroom in the heart of Ringwood gives interested parties the chance to see our wide range of stunning electric vehicles, take test drives, talk to our expert and friendly team, and consult with our finance team to see how they can get into an economic and environmentally-friendly EV sooner than they thought possible.

Our Electrifying Range

Whether you’re looking to navigate the tight confines of a city or cruise the open roads, Ringwood MG’s EV lineup has the perfect vehicle for you.


The MG4 Xpower takes everything you love about a hatchback and elevates it to the next level. Its small size and superb handling makes it the ideal choice for city driving and squeezing into tight parking spaces, while its surprisingly spacious boot gives you all the cargo room you need. 


An evolution of the iconic compact SUV, the ZS EV is a fully-electric luxury SUV featuring a suite of sophisticated safety and convenience features, from traffic-assist technology to remote-control start and temperature control to preheat or cool so it’s ready and comfortable for you to hit the road.


For those craving the power of a petrol engine and the economic benefits of an electric motor, the HS +EV is the perfect choice. This hybrid SUV offers a top speed of 190km/h and dynamic acceleration, with the drastically reduced consumption granted by a powerful electric motor. The HS +EV also features a range of sophisticated driving technology such as forward lane assist, rear cross traffic alert, and more.

The rise of electric vehicles in Australia is a trend that is gaining momentum rapidly, with Ringwood MG leading the charge. Our range of electric vehicles offers something for everyone, from those seeking their first EV experience to seasoned electric car enthusiasts. With the benefits of driving an electric vehicle in Australia being more evident than ever, the shift towards this sustainable mode of transportation is not just a trend but a revolution — one that Ringwood MG is proud to be a part of.

To find out more and start your EV journey, visit our friendly and helpful team at our showroom, or contact us today.


What are the benefits of driving an electric vehicle in Australia?

Driving an electric vehicle offers considerable advantages, including a significant reduction in environmental impact due to zero tailpipe emissions. Economically, EVs are more cost-effective over time with lower running and maintenance costs, and owners often benefit from government incentives such as rebates and reduced fees. Additionally, the convenience of home charging and the superior performance, characterised by smooth, quiet rides with instant acceleration, make EVs an appealing choice for the modern driver.

How does the cost of owning an electric car compare to a traditional petrol vehicle?

The initial purchase price of electric cars can be higher than petrol vehicles; however, the total cost of ownership can be lower in the long run. EVs have significantly lower running costs — electricity is cheaper than petrol, and electric cars require less maintenance due to fewer moving parts. Additionally, government incentives and rebates can also help offset the initial cost. Over time, these factors can make owning an EV more economically viable than a traditional petrol vehicle.

What range can I expect from Ringwood MG's electric vehicles on a single charge?

The range of an electric vehicle from Ringwood MG varies depending on the model. Our latest models boast impressive ranges that can comfortably meet the daily commuting needs of most Australians. For example, the MG ZS EV, one of our popular models, offers a range of up to 263 kilometres on a single charge under optimal conditions. This makes it an excellent choice for city driving and moderate-distance commutes. It's important to note that factors such as driving style, load, and external conditions can influence the actual range.